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Digital C.E.O Skills

Start on a transformative journey with our fully online “CEO Digital Degree” Internship Program. Designed for ambitious professionals, this program merges self-paced learning with live practical experience, leading you to a prestigious EMBA skillset in Digital Business Management.

  1. Certified Sales Funnel Development
  2. Certified Digital Operations Management
  3. Certified Internet Law Proficiency
  4. Certified Dropshipping Expertise
  5. Certified Global Trade Strategies
  6. Certified Information Security Management
  7. Certified Retail Sales Strategies
  8. Understanding GST for Online Business
  9. Certified Digital Strategic Thinking
  10. Certified Marketing Automation Mastery
  11. Certified Growth Hacking Techniques
  12. Certified SEO Strategy Implementation
  13. Certified Social Media Marketing Proficiency
  14. Certified Content Creation Expertise
  15. Certified Content Marketing Strategies
  16. Certified Influencer Marketing Strategies

Practical Leadership Modules:

  1. Digital Business Leadership
  2. Digital Transformation Strategies
  3. Data-Driven Decision-Making and Business Analytics
  4. Financial Leadership in the Digital Age
  5. Global Business and Trade Dynamics
  6. Entrepreneurial Leadership in the Digital Era
  7. Advanced Strategic Marketing Management
  8. Corporate Communication and PR Enhancement
  9. Customer-Centric Business Strategies
  10. Advanced Project and Operations Management
  11. Web Development Basics and Design Thinking for Managers

Digital Transformation Skills:

  1. Data Science and Machine Learning
  2. Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking
  3. Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies
  4. Digital Marketing and Social Media Analytics
  5. VR and AR (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality)
  6. Artificial Intelligence and Analytics
  7. Quantum Computing and DeepFake
  8. Web Development and Design Thinking
  9. Global Trade with Import and Export
  10. Software Development: Mobile App and Web Apps
  11. Content Creation and Social Media Expertise
  12. Public Relations and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  13. Customer Service and Sales Support
  14. Project Management and Operations Management
  15. E-Commerce Entrepreneurship
  16. Environmental Sustainability and ESG (Ethical, Environmental, Social Governance)
Learning Objective: Learn to build the frontend of an e-Commerce store from scratch all with your imagination without using coding or technical work with ongoing support from IIEC.
Choosing a Domain Name
Understanding Site Design
Low Cost Web Development
Best Hosting Service
Creating Search Engine Friendly Contents
Publishing Your E-Commerce Webstore Online
Learning Objective: In this module, IIEC will teach you E-Commerce Cashflow Management, Power of Affiliates, Selling Information, Payment Gateways, Shopping Cart Solutions, inventory Management, Logistics.
Understanding Cash Flow in E-Commerce
Power of Affiliate Networks For E-Commerce Sales
How to Sell Information Online
Scrum Foundations (5 Scrum Values)
Payment Gateways
Shopping Cart Solution
Inventory Management
E-Commerce Logistics & Order Fulfillment
Learning Objective: This module teaches you how to incorporate a business, the laws and also the Intellectual Property Rights such as Copyright, Trademark & Patents to protect an E-Commerce Business model.
Business Laws
Types of Business Incorporations
Intellectual Property Rights Of Your E-Commerce Business
E-Commerce Business Taxation
Learning Objective: Learn why Dropshipping can be a profitable and exciting area for first-time entrepreneurs looking for a business to start.
Introduction to Dropshipping
Supply Chain & Fulfillment Process
Finding Suppliers & Wholesalers
Profitable Product Selection
Analysing Data Trends
Dropshipping on Various E-Commerce Marketplaces
Inventory Management & Order Fulfillment
National & International Shipping
Learning Objective: Learn to sell products in wholesale ( B2B ) globally and get a Professional Certification in “E-Commerce & Global Trade” from Indian Institute of E-Commerce and inttco Singapore ( B2B Global Trade Company).
Introduction to E-Commerce
Online Shopping Process
Starting Your Own E-Commerce Store
Profitable Product Selection
Analyse E-Commerce Market Opportunity
Target Customer Identification
Pricing Your Products
E-Commerce Idea Validation & Brand Positioning
Learning Objective: Learn about the top E-Commerce Store’s Security & customer Frauds, developing E-Commerce security planning, making the store hack proof and more.
Introduction to E-Commerce Security Management
E-Commerce Store Security & Customer Frauds
E-Commerce Information Security Planning
Making Your E-Commerce Store Hack Proof
Learning Objective: Learn the Recent Update on GST and The Impact of GST on E-Commerce Businesses, Get thorough understanding of the GST tax regime and will be “GST Ready” for the coming future.
Agile ManifestoIntroduction to GST for E-Commerce
Problems before GST
Features of GST
Register for GST
Filing GST Returns
Claiming GST Credit

Learning Objective: Practically understand Digital Marketing Strategies, learn to focus on every step of your customer, thinking like a CEO, Story Telling, Digital Marketing Tools.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Understanding Customer Persona
Developing Digital Marketing Framework
Digital Brand Awareness
Digital Marketing Tools used in E-Commerce
Keeping Your Company in E-Commerce Trend
Learning Objective: Learn how marketing automation transforms email marketing to support multichannel marketing campaigns and increase lead generation and conversion.
Automation Bots for your E-Commerce Marketing Strategy
Automating Interaction with your Website Visitors
Automating Marketing Research
Automating Lead Nurturing
User Experience Automation
Automating Social Media Messaging
Automating Team Management
Automating Sales of your Products
Learning Objective: Learn what strategies make Uber, Airbnb and top e-commerce startups an billion dollar business. Learn the marketing hacks and growth secrets today.

Introduction to Growth Hacking

Understanding the profile of a growth hacker
The Growth Hacking Process
The Growth Hacker Funnel
Push & Pull Tactics in Growth Hacking
Product Tactics for Getting Visitors
How to Retain Users
Tools & Terminology in Growth Hacking
Learning Objective: Get the best-in class hands-on practice on all the industry-related SEO tools and applications to get Product Pages to Rank #1 on Google, Learn SEO that works for E-Commerce Stores.


Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
On-page & Off-page SEO
Blackhat SEO Vs White Hat SEO
Keyword Research & Link Building
How Google Ranks Content
Indexation & Accessibility
Site Speed & Performance
SEO Tools
Learning Objective: Understand the basics of Youtube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and blogging.Use social media not just for marketing, but for customer services & PR.


Introduction to Social Media
Social Media Best Practices
Social Media Metrics & ROI
Finding the Right Social Media Network
Facebook & Twitter Marketing
Google + & Linkedin Marketing
Youtube & Pinterest Marketing
E-Commerce Idea Validation & Brand Positioning

Learning Objective: Learn to develop over 42 different types of Audio, Visual & Text contents that can help your products to get sold online. Get Tools & Software to Practice content development.

Introduction to Content Development
Content Development in Pinterest
Content Development in Linkedin
Content Development in Twitter
Content Development in Facebook
Creating Customer Targeted Content Development
Creating Inbound Public Reations Content
Learning Objective: Learn the top Web content development by researching, writing, gathering, organizing, and editing information for publication on websites.
Creating Compelling Marketing Content
Creating an Effective Content Marketing Strategy
Creating Appropriate Content Guidelines
Identifying Promotional Opportunities
Content for Different Audience Segment
Promoting Content Through Different Channels
Finding Industry Influencers
Learning Objective: Learn how creating affiliates around you can provide a steady stream of income for your E-Commerce store. Learn different of CPA, CPC, CPM & CPV campaigns for an effective affiliate marketing.
Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing Strategies
Affiliate Marketing Paradigmss
Effective Promotional Strategies
Analyse E-Commerce Market Opportunity
Choosing the Best Affiliate Niche
Pros & Cons of Major Affiiiate Sites
Affiliate Marketing Resources

Why Choose The Internship at IIEC?

College Students will develop essential skills through this CEO internship, enhancing their ability to lead and innovate in the world, with practical capabilities and a comprehensive foundation for success. The CEO Digital Degree® from IIEC is a globally recognised postgraduate certification, marking your mastery in leading digital business and innovation in our era!


Become The Next CEO?


Why Choose IIEC®?

Don’t miss this opportunity to shape your students’ future in technological skills. Secure spots for a minimum of 100 interns and kickstart their journey into the international world. Enroll Now!

Hands-On Experience:

Dive into real-world projects in collaboration with industry giants like Amazon, Alibaba, HubSpot, IBM, Tableau, and Zoho. Our 100% practical approach ensures that your students learn as well as apply their skills in a professional setting.

Global Recognition:

Partnering with the biggest names in technology guarantees that your students gain exposure and recognition on a global scale, enhancing their profiles for future career opportunities.

Affordable Excellence:

IIEC® believes in making quality education accessible. For just $100 per intern, your institution will provide invaluable practical training to students across diverse tech domains.

What Interns Get?

These three major values underscore the justification for the payment made towards internship learning, ensuring a comprehensive and rewarding experience which goes beyond the immediate training period.

Hands-On Practical Experience -

Value: Interns gain invaluable hands-on experience in real-world projects, collaborating with industry leaders such as Amazon, Alibaba, HubSpot, IBM, and more. Justification: The payment ensures that interns don't just acquire theoretical knowledge but actively apply their skills in a professional setting, significantly enhancing their employability.

Global Recognition and Industry Exposure -

Value: Interns become part of a program partnered with prominent global companies, providing exposure and recognition on an international scale. Justification: The payment secures access to a network of industry giants, offering unique opportunities for mentorship, networking, and future career prospects, giving interns a competitive edge in the job market.

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Certification for Career Advancement -

Value: Successful completion of the internship program results in a prestigious certification, showcasing proficiency in cutting-edge technologies. Justification: The payment not only covers the training but also secures a tangible credential that enhances interns' resumes and opens doors to exciting career paths, contributing to long-term professional growth.

Step 1: Enroll Your University

Visit intern.iiec.co to initiate the enrollment process for your university. Provide basic details, and our streamlined system ensures a quick and hassle-free onboarding.

How to Onboard Interns?

It’s that simple! Equip your students with hands-on experience in cutting-edge technologies and prepare them for a future of opportunities. Enroll today to unlock the potential of IIEC®’s Virtual Internship Program for your university.

Step 2: Confirm Your Batch

Once enrolled, work with our team to confirm a batch of at least 100 students. A minimum of 100 enrollees ensures a robust learning experience for your students, setting the foundation for a successful internship program.

Step 3: Payment and Commencement

Secure your batch by submitting a payment of $10,000 ($100 per student). With the payment received, your students gain access to IIEC®'s exclusive C.E.O. Digital Degree, launching them into practical training and experience.



E-Commerce Operations - Managing Inventory, Order Management, Catalog Management, Returns, Fulfilment, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce SEO, Social Media, E-Commerce Advertising, Growth Hacking, Marketing Automation, Data Analysis.


Video Based Training
Step-by-Step 200+ hours of processes, principles and checklist on fundamentals to advanced E-Commerce Store Management.
Practical Software Training

Learn to create a fully functional E-Commerce store using popular E-Commerce tools along with submitting assignments; get feedback and upgrade your E-Commerce skills practically.

Life Time Access
Transparent Reporting:

Step 1: Student Onboarding

Seamlessly Enroll Students

Step 2: Personalised Learning Paths

Tailored Growth Journeys

Step 3: Mentorship Pairing

Expert Guidance Connections

Step 4: Immersive Practical Internship

Real-World Skill Application

Step 5: Skills Assessment and Progress Tracking

Measure and Advance Skills

Step 6: Certification and Recognition

Prestigious Endorsement Achieved

Step 7: Ongoing Support and Alumni Network

Lifelong Career Empowerment Support.


IIEC® Internship Program is ideal for students eager to gain hands-on experience, collaborate with industry leaders, and elevate their skills across cutting-edge technologies.




Minimum 100 Interns / Institute at $100 each

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